Monthly Archives: July 2017

Upcoming school year

You probably don’t know this, unless we have somehow met in the past and you coincidentally happened to find this post, but I will be a high school senior during this upcoming school year. I have pretty much all my credit requirements, so the majority of my classes are going to be electives that I thought sounded interesting. The classes I can remember off the top of my head are financial algebra, law studies, botany, guitar 1 and 2, and a senior project class that only happens every other day because it works on an A/B schedule. The senior project is essentially a job shadowing presentation but I won’t know any specific details until I take the class.

It’s actually really unfortunate because I was hoping I could job shadow my boss, but I don’t know exactly what to look for because they won’t release any of the info to juniors. Maybe I could even shadow my buddy at one of the best sparks plumbers. Before you comment about me taking botany, keep in mind that physics was the only other option and my final grade in chemistry was roughly my age. See if you can figure that one out. I actually already took guitar 1 at the beginning of my junior year, but my school works on a trimester system and I had it during the first trimester (yes, I realize that makes me sound pregnant) and I’ve had two rotations of schedules since then.

I just thought that I would take the first class again so I could relearn the basics before or during my advanced guitar class. I’m also taking ASL 1, the beginner american sign language course at my school. If I had known that my school had sign language courses last summer, I would have taken them, but I was in the middle of a big move so I just let my mom pick all my classes. One class I would have looked forward to taking would have been an advanced food course (I don’t know the titles) because I really enjoyed my food class last year. My teacher actually commended me multiple times for my ability to delegate the multiple tasks in our kitchen, so we would have everything done at once

In defense of city parks

City parks are definitely a pillar of society, providing a platform for people to congregate in the outdoors. I’m gonna use a lot of big words this time, so don’t be afraid too google some of them. Not only do city parks keep people out of their homes and in some sunshine, they are beneficial to all ages. Old people still have the luxury of laying in grass and smelling clean air, even if they have no way of getting back up without assistance. Children and teenagers are just capable of enjoying the parks the most, because they can still do strenuous activities like playing football in a field. In addition, there are usually a multitude of benches in any park so the elderly will always have a chance to rest their “tired old bones”.

At least nobody calls them a whippersnapper or anything. I can understand how some people may misconceive the management of city parks by the government, especially with shows like “Parks & Recreation” making local government workers look like they do their job as if they were the main characters

in the movie “Clerks”. However, everything you see on TV is not actually real. Especially not kung fu movies that make 20 year old children want to unleash their boundless, violent rage on inanimate objects.

Doesn’t that picture just look inviting and friendly? I believe that people who stay inside all day just don’t have the necessary friends to do activities with. It could be their fault, it could not be. I don’t know everybody on Earth. Back on topic, assuming said city park had any number of trees, it would automatically give back to the community in a natural sense. Who can say no to more oxygen? City parks are also capable of creating memories for people that last a lifetime. I definitely know about this firsthand, as the park that I live nearby has been there my entire life, and it is one of the few constants in my life that I intend on keeping. Plus if you’re hungry you can always just have a picnic at a city park. I see lots of birthdays happening at the park by my house