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After hanging out with Steph, we took her to Sweet Frog and got some frozen yogurt. If I remember correctly, I got cake batter, pomegranate raspberry, green apple, pink lemonade, and probably one other flavor. They toppings I always get are cheesecake and cookie dough, but sometimes I’ll get strawberries I usually fill the cup to the brim with frozen yogurt, so there’s not much room for toppings. Afterwards, we took her home and then headed straight for the El Rancho drive-in. Our movie started around 8:30, and it was pretty cool (temperature-wise) without much wind.

The first movie was Hitman’s Bodyguard, which is the latest big comedy featuring Ryan Reynolds and Samuel Jackson. It wasn’t terrible, but I wouldn’t watch it a second time. Every other word is a swear word, and the humor just degrades to something resembling small children bickering. It almost reminded me of my relationship with my cousin, Gabriel. I guess it’s better on the big screen, just because there’s some big action scenes and occasional explosions. It wasn’t IMAX-worthy, but still exciting sometimes. The second movie we saw was Logan Lucky, which was definitely better as a second movie than a primary one. It’s a heist movie made by the guy behind Ocean’s 11, and takes place in North Carolina. The characters are all supposed to be hicks but they just seem really slow.

All the characters seemed to be talking pretty slowly, like they were trying their hardest to sound like white trash, and it just bothered me throughout the entire movie.My buddy who works at the miami hood cleaning place was going to watch the movie with me, but he had to cancel at the last second. The heist itself was kinda interesting, but it didn’t seem very intelligent or complex. The characters all got extremely lucky throughout the heist, but it’s also probably my fault for expecting a super realistic heist movie. Nothing ever goes wrong in these movies, of course. The movie also focused heavily on the main character’s backstory with his daughter and trying to be a good father, but it just seemed out of place. It couldn’t decide what kind of movie it was, and there was no goof balance of the backstory and the heist.