Las Vegas

Riding home from Charlie’s wedding

Driving home from Charlie’s wedding on Sunday was by far the most immature I have ever seen my sister Rebecca act. Not only did she endanger us by driving recklessly, but she had a temper tantrum and told my mom to stop talking multiple times. She thinks she can just do whatever she wants because she’s an adult, but she was driving my mom’s van home. Driving someone else’s vehicle is a privilege, not a right. If you’re in someone else’s house, you’re supposed to treat them with respect. Rebecca had been acting childish and making poor decisions since she arrived in Reno last week, and nobody can understand why she keeps acting this way.

Almost every night she stayed out past midnight and then expected us to watch my niece all day while she slept in past noon. I mean, what was she doing, driving to Vegas and getting a Las Vegas Liquor License? On top of all that, she filled every room in my dad’s downstairs with useless things that she didn’t need to bring. I stayed in Reno for two months and only brought two suitcases. Rebecca was here for one week, and brought around eight suitcases. She only brought her boyfriend and a baby. That’s five suitcases at the most, and only because she had to bring all the essentials for the baby like diapers and wipes and stuff.

They even filled the compartments under the floor of the van with two trash bags full of clothes. Even with all of this riding against her, she was late to pretty much every event we invited her to. When my mom called her out during the drive home, Rebecca lashed out and stopped the car at a grocery store for around half an hour. She let Taylor get out and walk around, but whenever Taylor walked nearby my mom Rebecca would pick her up and set her down on the other side of the van so my mom couldn’t interact with her. My mom had to repeatedly tell Rebecca to slow down on the drive home, because she kept tailgating some guy on a motorcycle in front of us.

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