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The Top Four Greatest Fort Lauderdale Restaurants

Fort Lauderdale is one of the less known places for great restaurants in Florida. People just think, “Hey, Miami is a giant tourist city, so the food should just automatically be better.” Well, it is my personal mission to dispel that theory. As so, I will be providing you loyal readers with a list of the top four restaurants to eat at in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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This is Florida we’re talking about, so I would be a disgrace if I didn’t mention the best Italian food first. Dolce Salato is by far the best Italian restaurant in Fort Lauderdale. Now, if you want to eat here, you’ll be looking at eating nearby the Wilton Manors in Fort Lauderdale. Dolce Salato is a relatively small joint, but gives off the impression that you’re eating at a first-class pizzeria in Italy itself. With exquisite ingredients that likely come fresh from deliveries each morning, every person who eats at this restaurant is guaranteed to find a dish that they enjoy. The only downside to eating at Dolce Salato is that Italian food is super filling so I can’t keep ordering and ordering more. Fortunately for me, I can just bring a few friends and eat off of their plates, as the prices are very affordable. Topped with a nice selection of amazing Italian food, it’s no wonder I keep coming back. If my word isn’t enough to convince you, make sure to read the many great online reviews before stopping by Dolce Salato. Just make sure you ask the friendly owner if you can look at the kitchen as well, so you can be just as impressed at how clean it is as I initially was. Dig through all the many positive reviews, and see if you can find a single thing that’s wrong with this perfect Italian restaurant in Fort Lauderdale.


This one was actually a very close second, but won second place for a smaller reason that I’ll mention later. Il Paesano (The Villager) is another great Italian restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, but for different reasons than Dolce Salato. This time, you’ll be dining by the Coral Ridge Country Club in Fort Lauderdale. I really love Il Paesano’s service! Dolce Salato may have superior food (which is surprisingly difficult), but Il Paesano gets the Italian Aesthetic down perfectly. Their music helps create a happy mood that make you feel good before you can even order your food. On top of this, the artwork is pleasing to look at in general. These kinds of things can make or break a restuarant, especially when there’s stiff competition in the same city. Fort Lauderdale doesn’t skimp on amazing food. But the service here is top-notch. Finding servers who still manage to smile and be friendly and helpful even when an old man keeps complaining about everything they offer him really takes a lot. I also had a chance to speak to the owner, but not for a bad reason. He came to my table and made sure that I was enjoying myself, which was really hard to phrase. Good thing I can voice how much I enjoyed myself within this positive review. Next time I come back, I want to see how many appetizers I can order before I make myself sick from eating too much. Not a lot of restaurants offer food so good that you’d want to attempt such a thing.

Peruvian cuisine isn’t a super common theme for restaurants, but after eating at Inkanto Peruvian Cuisine I’m not really sure why. This one’s found near Coral Brook in Fort Lauderdale. The waitress was really helpful, because I honestly had no idea what to order. She provided me with multiple options that past customers really enjoyed, and that was only on the first page! I ended up ordering their pulpo anticuchero (grilled octopus). This meal puts any calamari order to shame. A lot of the items on their menu were grilled, so I decided that I wanted to take a look at the kitchen and see how they were being prepared. I have some insider experience in commercial kitchen appliances, as my dad ran a successful Fort Lauderdale hood cleaning company for many many years. Everything appeared up to code to me, and there were no visible issues. It’s always a wonder to me, watching chefs balance multiple orders at once while working in tandem without getting frustrated at one another. The chefs at Inkanto were very professional, and I’m looking forward to my next visit. They absolutely earned each great review that I have read, and hopefully you guys look forward to reading mine. Inkanto is also a great restaurant for families to dine at, because the price are very well balanced. They’re not too cheap, to the point where you wonder where the food is coming from if they can afford to stay in business with those kinds of prices.

fort lauderdale cuban platter

Florida is know for its Cuban restaurants as well, so I wouldn’t be a true native to Florida if I had forgotten to mention at least one place. After eating at multiple Cuban restaurants, I decided that 925 Nuevo’s Cubano’s was by far my favorite. You can even eat your food while touring the beautiful Progresso Village in Fort Lauderdale. During my very first visit, the owner Lou recommended we tried the Cuban sandwich and the Pulled Pork and Plantain platter. Eating it was a pleasure that I will not soon forget. Ambience is something that not a lot of places can manage to get right, but I am a firm believer in the lighting at 925 Nuevo’s Cubano’s. It’s dimly lit, but not in a bad way. You can see your food, and it adds a romantic setting for multiple future dates. With myself, of course. If you’re looking to bring a date, you can leave your wallet at home. The prices are so affordable that I think I might just bring pocket change next time I dine. In addition, the tables were clean, which is a welcome addition to the list of things they get right. Positive reviews have to be earned, and 925 Nuevo’s Cubano’s earns each amazing review that I read while there.